To achieve the Society's goals of serving its membership and advancing worker health, safety and well-being, it has established essential committees. 

Committees include the Board Nominating Committee (BNC) and Finance Committee (details coming soon).

Board Nominating Committee Selection Process

S4TWH Board of Directors shall review member applications for BNC and appoint BNC members annually. Eligibility and selection criteria to serve on BNC include:

  • Membership in good standing (including all categories of membership: student, early career, and full)
  • Skills, abilities, and time to contribute to S4TWH
  • Vision for S4TWH and Total Worker Health®     
  • Record of professional accomplishments

In addition, BNC members should:

  • Have knowledge of the reputations of emerging leaders within S4TWH and the profession
  • Adhere to a selection process that respects diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence

Board Nominating Committee Composition

BNC shall be comprised of five (5) members, one of whom shall be a current S4TWH Officer. BNC shall appoint a Chair of the committee at its first meeting. Two months before S4TWH’s annual meeting, BNC shall nominate a slate of Directors and Officers to fill board vacancies. BNC shall solicit and review Board Officer and Director nominations from S4TWH’s general membership. The final slate of nominees shall be confirmed by majority vote of BNC.

Board Nominating Committee Responsibilities

Acceptance of BNC appointment should be based on the willingness and ability to actively participate in meetings and assignments. The task of BNC is to nominate a slate of candidates for election as Officers and Directors of S4TWH, including:

  • Two (2) nominees for President-Elect
  • Two (2) nominees for Treasurer
  • Two (2) nominees for Secretary

BNC members are expected to:

  • Provide timely review of materials, including nominee applications, and prepare for each BNC meeting
  • Regularly participate in BNC teleconference calls (alternate/substitutes are not permitted). It is important that BNC members can attend all scheduled calls.
  • When a decision requires a vote of BNC members, each member shall have one vote.

If there is a tie, the BNC Chair shall cast a vote to break the tie. There is no travel associated with service on this committee. All business will be conducted virtually and by email.

Time Commitment

The timeframe for this commitment is approximately two months, from mid-May through mid-July. It is critical that BNC meets all deadlines so that the entire process moves forward without delays.

There shall be a total of three (3) mandatory BNC calls plus various off-line activities. Meeting invites will be sent out for all scheduled activities once BNC is formed.

For Reference

View the Society's Bylaws here.

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